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JONAH'S LANDING (It's here!)

Updated: May 22

It is my joy to share this news with you: my historical fiction novel is launched!

Read more about JONAH’S LANDING at

My thanks  to each of you who has shown an interest in my blog over the last few years. It has made a difference in my growth as a writer. I look forward to adding more posts to the collection!

Behind the scenes of writing Jonah's Landing: 

I had always wondered what it would feel like the first time I held a book I’d written. On April 25, 2024, the box of books I ordered from the printer arrived on my doorstep.  I’d had a long time to anticipate this moment, given that I started writing this novel a decade ago.

Back in the beginning the idea of it was so intimidating my brain froze. I had to play little mind games with myself to even begin writing.  Just write a very short story, I told myself. Then I’d write another one about the same characters. Eventually I had a string of very short stories about the same characters, which I apologetically called “chapters.”  They weren’t very good, but fortunately I didn’t know enough about writing, then, to be discouraged. 

Over the years I took a few courses and read books on writing. I wrote (and tossed) many earlier versions of this novel. My husband, Paul, can attest to this as he patiently read every version, reflecting back to me the parts that worked and those that didn't. Revisions are constant; they are the life-giving element of writing. Honing a sentence, a paragraph … finding the exact phrase to express a character's feelings―these bring a sense of play to the work. I enjoyed researching the 1890s era, which brought new twists to the plot and details that delighted me. Eventually I did get better at expressing myself. More importantly I learned to be a better listener to what my characters were telling me about themselves.

How does one know when a book is finished? My energy for writing this novel and my love for the characters have never wavered. I tweaked the wording right up to the "minute before midnight" when I released my manuscript for its final interior layout design. I could have happily revised it for the rest of my life. Perhaps it was waking up one morning and realizing that I may have another novel in me. Or maybe my characters were letting me know they were content with where I left them on their journeys. I knew it was time to let it go.

Waiting for the book to arrive:

It had been weeks of waiting. I was eager to see the cover, to feel the book’s weight in my hands, and to slide my fingers over the matte finish.

Maybe this video says it all …

Click HERE to access the video. ( on Vimeo)

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~ Karen

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